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Sites that cover Family Policy

Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP)

CLASP features sites addressing public policy issues impacting families.  The site covers the following main areas: family child care, child support and fathers, child welfare, childbearing, and teen pregnancy prevention.

Child and Family Policy Center

The Child and Family Policy site offers research on public policy issues relevant to children and family structure and offers resources for family support and strengthening. The main focus of the research is on developing a more asset based and comprehensive means to promote the success of children.

Child Trends Data Bank

The major areas covered are: family structure and living arrangements, poverty, income, assets and work, family child care, and parental practices.


The Federal Interagency Forum on Child and Family Statistics (Forum) is a collection of 20 federal government agencies involved in researching public policy issues and activities related to children, families and family child care. The Forum produces an annual report detailing statistics on family structure and includes a number of indicators of well-being. Topics include: population and family characteristics, economic security, health, behavior and social environment, fatherhood and education.

Department of Health and Human Services

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) site has a Families & Children section with useful links to other sites, information on specific HHS programs/agencies and public policy issues relating to children and families.  The site offers links to health and human service statistics, as well as policy information regarding poverty guidelines, welfare reform, and medical privacy.   The site also covers these following topics:  family child care, child support, adoption, domestic violence, child abuse

Future of Children

The Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University and the Brookings Institution produce this journal.  The Journal addresses public policy issues relating a ranging of issues affecting children and families. Two issues are published each year and address topics including: family structure, children of immigrant families, foster care, welfare reform, family child care, and caring for infants and toddlers.  All journal issues are archived and available online.

Heritage Foundation   

This site covers issues affecting the family and family structure including: welfare, family and marriage, family child care, sex education and abortion, and domestic violence.

Joint Center for Poverty Research 

This site offers research findings and information on public policy issues relating to the causes of poverty, and the consequences for children and families. The site looks at connection between health, education, income, family, and other social topics and poverty, and in particular how these factors affect family structure and children.  These topics address include:  teenage mothers and child well-being, working mothers, single parents and multigenerational families


NCCP provides information for policymakers regarding public policy issues such as health care, family child care, and federal assistance programs, as they relate to low-income children and families. Demographics and other data such as child care, child support, marriage-related policies, family and medical leave are easily accessed. Visitors to the site may also search by state, by policy, or may view the publications index.

National Research Center for Women and Families

The Centerís site addresses public policy issues pertaining to: womenís health, welfare reform, family child care, work and family, and social security.

Public Agenda 

Public Agenda seeks to increase public engagement through unbiased public opinion research. Research studies are presented on the site and may be searched by topic. The political context of different issues is discussed. Topics covered include: family structure, family child care, education, immigration, poverty and welfare, and more.

RAND Child Policy Project

RAND Child Policy covers research on childrenís issues from prenatal to age 18. Users may browse publications by topic. Abstracts, research briefs on public policy issues, and some full-text documents are provided. Topics covered include:  family child care and military families, child health, education, families and communities, infants and toddlers, welfare and welfare reform, and more.

Topic Summary
: The sites listed in this category cover a range of public policy issues that affect families. Scholarly publications, statistical data and policy papers can be found regarding family child care topics and family structure issues. Information presented come from government sources, research and advocacy centers and academic institutions.

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