Topic: Attachment

Attachment in Young Children, Symptoms of Attachment Disorder

in Young Children

Websites provide information about attachment in young children and the symptoms of attachment disorder. Sites provide extensive articles regarding attachment theory and child development, covering such topics as: what is attachment, what are the different forms of attachment, and how is it treated.

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Provides current research and articles on attachment theory and child development including reactive attachment disorder and the symptoms of attachment disorder. Also covers other child-related topics such as thumb sucking, school issues, social development, mental health and medications

NDSU Extension Service offers information on attachment in young children in their "Bright Beginnings" series, as well as a wealth of other information related to family, child development, and parenting. Publications are concise and reader-friendly.

The SUNY Stony Brook Attachment Lab and the New York Attachment Consortium are a group of developmental and clinical psychologists and psychiatrists working to advance attachment theory and research. This site compiles their research on such topics as attachment theory and child development, attachment assessment, parent-child interaction, and mechanisms of stability and change.