Topic: Social Networking

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A source of information answering the question ‘What should parents know about social networking?’ Provides resources for parents to create a safe environment for their family’s social networking use as well as safety information for children and teens. Information on social networking includes specific concerns such as privacy, and helps parents understand the impact of social networking on individual development.

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Looks at how social networking communities grow over time. Articles are geared toward researchers and scholars.

Evaluates some of the dangers adolescents face when using social networking websites. Specific concerns addressed include loss of privacy and impact of posting personal information on future careers.

Provides research-based information on social networking sites. Authors outline topics such as history of these sites and the impact of the public social networking craze on privacy.

Presents a variety of peer reviewed articles and abstracts (full text article can be purchased). Available articles and abstract topics include the impact of social networking on adolescent’s self-esteem and the appropriateness of content on social networking websites.

Articles address the social consequences of using social networking websites and what these sites reveal about American culture. Authors specifically look at the impact these sites have on younger users.

Provides research-based articles on social networking sites and social media. Articles address the increased use of these websites and the safety concerns.