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The Child Welfare Information Gateway,formerly known as the National Adoption Information Clearinghouse, is a comprehensive resource for information on adoption including an adoption directory organized by state, summaries or laws on adoption, financial assistance, statistics, interracial adoption issues and a variety of publications.

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The Impact of Adoption on Birth Parents
Discusses the psychological effects adoption may have on birth parents. Focus is paid to the different stages a birth parent endures as the child is born & placed, is a minor, and once the child is a grown adult. Examples of healthy ways to cope with the psychological effects of adoption are also offered.

Gay and Lesbian Adoptive Parents: Resources for Professors & Parents
Focuses on gay and lesbian adoptive parents and issues they may encounter. Child adoption statistics in the United States are provided, as well as facts that refute myths about homosexual parents. Many struggles are also discussed; such as state laws, social worker dilemmas, and the agency preference hierarchy.

Adopting Children with Developmental Disabilities
Facts on child adoption and developmental disabilities are discussed. Various disabilities are defined and the challenges surrounding adoption of a disabled child are examined.

Legal Issues of Independent Adoption
Discusses the birth parents’ rights and the legal issues that might arise during an adoption. Attention is paid to birthfathers’ rights, legal issues of agency adoptions, general issues of independent adoptions, and the legal issues of independent adoptions.