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A private multi-disciplinary center providing traditional and innovative assessment and intervention options for children and adults with neurologically-based difficulties involving attention, anxiety, mood, social relatedness, learning, and behavior. Conducting research on an innovative treatment for youth depression.

This site offers resources on child learning disabilities for the state of Massachusetts. Offers links to many resources for child learning disabilities and disorders such as private schools, reading and math programs, advocacy, and social support groups, to name a few. This site also offers information on upcoming news and conferences and an option to ask an expert questions.

Provided by Children's Hospital Boston, The Experience Journal presents information about ADHD from the perspective of children, families, and clinicians. A collection of stories, pictures, and personal experiences related to pediatric ADHD are offered on the site, and advice from the doctors at Children's Hospital is available.

The Child and Adolescent Bipolar Foundation educates families, professionals, and the public about early-onset bipolar disorders. This site provides information to support families with children suffering from this disorder. Fact sheets, newsletters, chat rooms, physician locators, and a support group directory for each state are also provided on this site.

Through their website, the NCCIC provides links to various resources and publications associated with child care. Site offers help in achieving quality child care through state profiles which include demographics, child staff ratio requirements, and contact information for various state agencies.

The Head Start program for children is designed as a child development program for low-income children aged 0-5. This site provides information about getting children into Head Start, the variety of programs offered, research and statistics, and a search method to find a Head Start program for children by city and state.

Provides research-based information on social networking sites. Authors outline topics such as history of these sites and the impact of the public social networking craze on privacy.