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Premature Birth: Premature babies and causes of premature birth

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The sites listed provide information on premature birth care education, particularly topics surrounding pregnancy and caring for a premature babies. Easy-to-understand medical information is offered, including information on the causes of premature births and other facts about premature birth. One site, the March of Dimes, whose mission is to prevent prematurity and infant mortality through research and education, supplies many articles on premature birth care information for parents.

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March of Dimes' mission is to prevent prematurity, birth defects and infant mortality through research and education, such as the information provided on this site regarding these topics.

Provides information on pregnancy and caring for a newborn, including information on premature babies.

Provides easy-to-understand information about apnea of prematuratity, as well as other birth injuries and developmental aspects of premature births.

Provides information on Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS), a disorder which impacts premature infants. Includes an explanation of common treatments and symptoms of this disorder.

This site offers pamphlet style information on the development of premature children. Topic areas include growth issues, language, emotional development, and learning issues.