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Immunization Information: Sides Effects Of Flu Vaccine, Chicken Pox Vaccine, Pneumonia Vaccine

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A collection of sites that provide important child immunization information for families. Includes general information, benefits, side effects, and FAQs on diseases and vaccines – flu vaccine, chicken pox vaccine, pneumonia vaccine, and more. In addition, the sites feature items such as parent guides, immunization schedules, health news, and video resources.

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Offers child immunization on specific vaccines such as chicken pox vaccine, pneumonia vaccine, and H. influenza b (flu) vaccine -- side effects, risks involved, disease information and other facts are provided. Features include video resources in Parents section, an immunization schedule and PDF files with printer-friendly formats.

Provides a number of different articles regarding the bird flu, including key facts and preventative measure options. Also includes other sources and sites providing information avian influenza.

Science-based and easy-to-use information on childhood vaccines for parents. Covers general immunization concerns as well as specific vaccines such as pheumonia vaccine, Hepititis A and B vaccines, Varicella (chicken pox) vaccine and influenza (flu) vaccine - side effects, general information, facts and answers to FAQs presented in PDF format. Includes articles for further information in PDF format and tips on using the Internet as a source of immunization and health information.

Articles on this site evaluate the potential risks of childhood vaccines. The impact of different types of vaccines on neurological development is also explored.

Immunization information for parents and families focuses on general vaccine issues, newborns and disease and individual diseases. Specific illnesses and vaccinations - pneumonia vaccine, Varicella (chicken pox) vaccine, meningitis vaccine and other vaccines - are listed in immunization schedules for Canada and the USA. Site includes the Ask Dr Paul Library and Ask a Question section.

The Better Health Channel provides a basic overview of the history of vaccines and how vaccines work. The benefits, risks, precautions, administration methods, and side effects are listed for individual vaccinations.

This segment of the Kids Health website provides parent-friendly tips on immunizations. An immunization schedule, reasons why the vaccine is recommended, and potential risks are listed for individual vaccines.