Topic: Is My Child OK?

Is My Child OK? Diagnosing Signs Of Depression, Self Esteem In Adolescence

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A variety of resources on mental health disorders in children. Find academic, research-based articles on issues such as self esteem in adolescence and community settings, as well as practical information for parents like disorder guides and help in diagnosing mental health problems in children. Related public policy information is presented in addition.

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This comprehensive information resource for child mental health and parenting information includes articles, resources, a glossary, an Ask the Expert section, a disorder guide, publications, and FAQs. Topics covered vary widely, from healthy self esteem in adolescence and signs of depression to resources for diagnosing mental health problems in children. Intended for parents, practitioners, and educators.

Contains articles designed to empower parents, advocates and providers in caring for the psychosocial needs of children. Provides information about how to recognize an emotional problem, how counseling works and what to expect, and many other aspects of mental health care for both child and family.

Offers substantial information about the developmental, behavioral, and mental disorders that affect children. Topics covered include self esteem in adolescence, signs of depression, fact sheets for parents and caregivers, current research, and more. Featured “Know When to Seek Help for Your Child” page helps parents diagnose child behaviors and determine whether psychiatric evaluation may be useful.

Offers parents, educators, and clinicians a wide range of information about child and adolescent mental health issues, particularly with a school-based focus. Symptoms for different disorders are discussed, as well as treatment options.

The Child and Adolescent Action Center of this site focuses primarily on policy issues related to mentally ill children and adolescents. Provides brochures and fact sheets, legislative alerts, information on custody relinquishment, personal stories, and other resources. Geared toward parents and information providers.

Provides research-based articles on social issues of children with special needs and their families. Topics covered include community settings, cultural competence, and family participation in policymaking. Information intended for family members, academics, and policymakers.