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Teenage Drug Abuse: Teenage Drug Use Statistics, Teenagers and Drugs and Alcohol

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Array of Websites with information about childhood and teenage drug abuse. Sites offer advice for parents, teenage drug use statistics and extensive information about teenagers and drugs and alcohol.

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The Task Force on College Drinking includes articles covering topics such as changing the culture of drinking, drinking prevention and tips for college RAs. Includes teenage drug use statistics and teenage drug abuse information, with alcohol as the drug being used.

Advice for parents about teenage drug abuse, including research and a newsletter. Special features include an area for children and teens with pull-down menus. Site contains teenage drug use statistics, and other facts about teenagers and drugs and alcohol. Also includes information on every illegal drug, including inhalants, club drugs, steroids and alcohol.

Information about alcohol abuse, adolescent alcohol abuse and other topics pertaining to alcohol. Discusses common issues relating to teenage drug abuse and teenage drug use statistics when alcohol is the drug being used. Site also addresses fetal alcohol syndrome and other risks of alcoholism.

The White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) site offers an extensive list of links, which provide substantial amount of research-based, practical information on a number of topics related to teenage drug use including: prevention, treatment, research, different drugs of abuse, drug use indicators, justice system information, policy information and funding information. Links on the site contain teenage drug use statistics, risks of teenage drug abuse, and details about specific incidences involving teenagers and drugs and alcohol.

RAND presents reports on teenage drug abuse and use. Site offers advice about teenagers and drugs and alcohol for parents. Includes detailed teenage drug use statistics, e-mail updates, links to newsbriefs, and research projects information. Also includes a graph to visually display rates of high school dropouts in relation to teenage drug abuse.

Online book for parents from the U.S. Department of Education, entitled “Growing Up Drug-Free: A Parent’s Guide to Prevention.” Book makes suggestions for preventing teenage drug abuse, and also addresses drug use within specific age brackets. Provides teenage drug use statistics, signs of teenage drug abuse, and other information for parents about teenagers and drugs and alcohol.

This site provides research-based information to parents on how to deal with alcohol use and abuse in their adolescent children. Several pages of guidelines are available on issues ranging from establishing rules to preparing for peer pressure.