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Child Adoption: Effects of Child Adoption, Child Adoption Statistics

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Combination of research-based and practical articles on child adoption statistics and the psychological effects of adoption. Facts on child adoption include separate sections for professionals, adoptees, relatives and parents as well as tips for parents and additional conference and program information.

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The types of adoption and other facts on adoption, as well as information about preparing children and families, child adoption statistics and pieces written for professionals, adoptees, birth relatives, and parents. Additional facts on adoption include conference, legal and policy information.

Presents varied information covering U.S. and International adoption, costs of adoption, and state-by-state adoption statistics. Offers a email newsletter and adoption bibliographies.

This site focuses on child adoption with information, support, and resources regarding adoption. Find child adoption statistics, general facts on child adoption, and public health and legislation issues related to adoption. The site explores specific child adoption topics such as the psychological effects of adoption, gay and lesbian adoption, and more with additional resources and advice.

Presents facts on adoption including child adoption statistics and the psychological effects of adoption. Covers the decision to adopt, the process of adoption, and raising an adopted child. Explores many other aspects of adoption including “Timely Tips” for parents, “News and Views” and “Highlights.”

The ECAP site contains adoption research focused on education and parenting of young children. The site provides child adoption statistics, facts on child adoption, and covers the psychological effects of adoption on children with the article entitled “Adopted children in the early classroom".

This site provides a wide range of adoption information, with child adoption statistics, facts of child adoption, and more insight on specific topics. General topics include a history of adoption in the U.S., open adoption, adoption agencies, and laws and policies regarding adoption. Adopting special needs children, international and transracial adoptions, and the psychological effects of these adoptions on children are also covered.