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Below we list one highly recommended site for several of our most popular topics. See the list on the left for a complete listing of topics. Click on a topic for a list of several sites.

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CYFERNet Evaluation offers early childhood education and preschool resources such as practical evaluation tools, articles, research papers, and courses. This site also offers links to related websites on program evaluation.

This site provides a substantial amount of research-based, parent-friendly information through childcare, early childhood education and preschool resources, especially as it relates to the transition to kindergarten.

Provides policy/advocacy advice on child care, affordable day care and after-school activities. This journal article uses research and statistics to support its views on how to keep children safe and help them learn while their families work.

Offers research, legislative and practical information on the need for after-school programs, which are argued to improve academic achievement, keep kids safe, and help working families.

This site provides parents with articles and guidance on potty training boys and girls. Potty training tips cover how to know when your child is ready to be potty trained. Problems with potty training include topics such as bedwetting and related medical infections.

The Children Now website addresses the issues of media policy, media and children's health, and Media Messages About Race, Class and Gender. The site has a wide variety of publications on these topics.

Child care research summaries from the Wisconsin Center for Education Research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison's School of Education cover academic red-shirting, academic resilience, after-school, at-risk students, child care quality and parent involvement.