Topic: School Violence

School Violence: Information on Violence in Schools, School Violence Statistics

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Websites, articles and journals containing information on violence in schools. Topics of intensive focus include causes of violence in schools and prevention of such violence. Sites provide information for parents, children, and educators. Many sites contain school violence statistics.

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The Safe and Responsive Schools Project aims at school safety and violence prevention through comprehensive planning, parent and community involvement, and more. Anger management techniques for kids are provided, along with a variety of publications, a web forum, and other resources.

Applied research, technical program assistance, practical advice and information on violence in schools. Site contains links that lead to information about various aspects of violence in schools, such as causes, rates of occurrence and prevention.

The U.S. Department of Education offers an overview for parents and professionals entitled "Wide Scope, Questionable Quality: Three Reports from the Study on School Violence and Prevention" conducted by the Safe and Drug-free School Program.

Presents links leading to research and programmatic information on violence in schools. Articles found within links offer advice for parents and educators about prevention of violence in schools, with specific information about early warning signs and programs that work. Many links lead to other Websites and articles containing school violence statistics.

Site contains a myriad of articles with information on violence in schools. Articles pertaining to violence in schools cover topics such as violence prevention and causes of violence. Many of the links contain school violence statistics or descriptions of specific violence prevention programs.