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The National Association for the Education of Young Children provides resources for preschool educators. Early childhood and preschool resources explore child care and the quality of early education programs. The site also features suggested reading lists and policy information.

The NAEYC site provides much information about early child education specifically in the areas of literacy and mathematics. Under the "Critical Issues" section of the "Early Childhood" link, information about state prekindergarten programs can be found. Also, in the "research and reports" information about the education of preschoolers along with economic and social impact issues are available.

Teaching Strategies provides user-friendly information about curriculum/assessment of preschool age children. The site focuses the most on its developed curriculum "The Creative Curriculum for Preschool" however it provides many ideas and theories for preschool curriculum.

The National Center for Children in Poverty (NCCP) explores lessons from research and practice about the role of an intentional curriculum and professional development and supports for teachers in closing the achievement gap for low-income preschool age children. Other areas include the use of preschool curriculum for fostering positive emotional health and school readiness. The material is presented for the use of parents, educators and policymakers.

This online journal provides research-based articles related to children¡¦s education and preschool curriculum. Articles cover many areas of preschool curriculum such as activities, games, skills development. Site includes a range of topics such as preschool learning standards and preschool curriculum in various subjects.

The PBS site offers teachers preschool curriculum resources with sample preschool lesson plans, activities, games and more. Find lesson plans offered by topic and grade, a featured lesson plan and activity, and recommended books and links. Site discusses learning standards to ready children for kindergarten and other specific issues.

The Florida Institute of Education at the University of North Florida proposes an Early Literacy & Learning Model Plus. The site gives information about the model and its proposed standards, assessment and family model. The site also contains publications (original research) supporting the model for those who wish to further their knowledge base in the area.

The Building Blocks site discusses the development of preschool curriculum with a focus on mathematics. Includes preschool curriculum research and articles describing guidelines for teaching math in preschool through lesson plans, games, and activities. Offers research and articles on other curriculum topics as well.

Building Blocks is a research based mathematics curriculum designed to address the most recent mathematics standards for preschool age children. The materials are designed to help children extend and mathematize their everyday activities from building blocks to art and stories and building puzzles. The site provides research papers along with summaries and pamphlets about the program and its research basis.