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Multicultural Education Articles: Multicultural Activities for Children, Multicultural Education Curriculum

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Websites contain multicultural education articles and assorted reports for parents, teachers, and other audiences. Sites suggest types of multicultural activities for children at both school and home, and offer advice to teachers and families about a multicultural education curriculum in the classroom.

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Research-based information on multicultural education, touching on topics such as educating teachers. Site includes an online magazine containing multicultural education articles, ideas about multicultural activities for children, and links to many resources related to education.

Research-based articles discussing the use of multicultural picture books in the classroom. Site contains multicultural education articles, focusing on reading and other multicultural activities for children. Includes links to other early childhood resources, and advice on teaching a multicultural education curriculum.

Online journal contains multicultural education articles discussing a variety of topics, such as encouraging student voices, teacher preparation and multiracial/multiethnic topics in teaching. Site presents suggestions about multicultural activities for children, and includes suggested readings, films and website lists.

Several research-based research reports and multicultural education articles, discussing subjects such as culture, professional development issues, and school/community partnerships. Website offers extensive advice and suggestions targeted at teachers on topics such as multicultural activities for children in the classroom, and how to effectively teach a multicultural educational curriculum., an online journal from Teachers College at Columbia University, provides research-based articles on topics such as identity and race in education, as well as an entire double issue on multicultural education. The site also includes "Content Collections" on various topics, as well as online "Featured Discussions." Free login required. Written for an academic audience.