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Research-based home schooling information, including characteristics of the American home school. Sites provide home schooling statistics, as well as advice and facts for parents.

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Site presents a substantial amount of research-based home schooling information for parents and the public. Users will find information about a variety of topics, including the challenges of home schooling, how home schooling affects a child, and home schooling statistics. There is also home school information in regards to topics associated with learning disabilities, such as self-esteem and ADD/ADHD.

Journal containing substantial home schooling information. Provides home schooling statistics, including factors such as religious and ethnic influences on the American home school.

Provides home schooling information for parents and administrators, as well as home schooling statistics. Discusses characteristics of students educated in the American home school.

Provides extensive home schooling information and resources for parents, policymakers and caregivers. Additional home schooling information is contained within the links on the left side of the site. Topics discussed include curricula, home schooling statistics and the dynamics of the American home school. Site provides access to newsletters, research and events and online catalogs.