Topic: Gifted Children

Gifted Children: Characteristics of Gifted Children, Testing Gifted Children

in Education / Learning

Collection of resources with professional and practical information on gifted children. Testing gifted children, characteristics of gifted children and diagnosis and management are covered. In addition, social and educational needs, disabilities and school programs for gifted children are discussed.

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Presents a substantial amount of research-based articles on various topics associated with gifted children. Covered are: characteristics of gifted children, self-esteem, information for teachers, gifted students and dual exceptionalities.

Articles for professionals and parents focus on the educational and social needs of gifted children, covering characteristics of gifted children and diagnosis of these children. In addition, conference and membership information is provided.

Presents research and practical information on identifying and testing gifted children as well as recognizing characteristics of gifted children. Also covers school enrichment, accelerated schools and other topics.

The Center for Talented Youth offers a wide range of programs for student with high academic abilities. Research focuses on the needs of gifted children, gifted education, and the nature of above average academic ability.

This site is geared towards parents of gifted children. Articles on this site addresses how to identify and characteristics of giftedness, gifted children with learning disabilities, and assessments of giftedness.

The Center for Talent Development assists families of gifted students. Main research topics include acceleration, advocacy, home schooling, learning disabilities, social issues, talent development, teaching the gifted, and the gifted community.