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Puberty: Articles On Adolescence, Male Puberty, Female Puberty

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These sites offer a wide range of resources for teens on puberty and adolescence, including basic information on puberty in girls and boys with physical changes like growth spurts and emotional changes in teens. Also includes information and advice on many other teen topics like specific diseases related to puberty, guides that explain the changes within the male and female body, how to deal with these changes, and more.

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The site offers information on puberty in males and females, for both adolescents and parents. Includes details on physical and emotional changes that boys and girls go through during puberty. Offers parents frequently asked questions about puberty, sex, and sexuality and tips on how to answer those questions. Find research on precocious puberty and related adolescent topics, and find additional resources and articles on adolescence.

This site provides an array of information on adolescence and puberty in teens. Articles cover topics such as growth spurts and growth problems and the physiological changes that accompany male and female puberty. Site also offers teens more information on changes during adolescence with a guide to the male and female reproductive system and advice on taking care of your body.

This site includes articles, advice, and facts on puberty in girls and boys. It discusses the basics of puberty, precocious puberty, and changes in females and males during adolescence. Also covers physical and emotional changes in teens, growth spurts, acne, and diseases in adolescents such as gynecomastia.