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Play: Importance Of Play, Play Therapy

in Child Development

Research-based and practical information on children and play. Material covers the importance of play in children's lives, play therapy, play patterns, and more. Information is intended for parents and educators.

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The Power of Play describes the importance of play to the growing child, outlines typical development of play through age 3, provides tips on what parents and caregivers can do to encourage and enjoy children's play, and explains what young children are learning through their play.

Practically informative "Children and Play" article profiles age-specific patterns in children's play. Covers infant, toddler, and early school age play as well as the importance of play in these stages. Includes play resources. Information is geared toward educators and parents.

The segment on play on the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources website focuses on how play helps children grow and develop. Articles explain the importance of play during different stages of infancy and toddlerhood.

The Early Childhood and Parenting Collaborative at the University of Illinois sponsors a variety of projects related to parenting and education. The segment on play explores the impact play has on a child's cognitive development.

Zero to Three is the "nation's leading resource on the first years of life." Find information for both parents and professionals on educational toys for children. The article "Importance of Play," provides information for parents on educational toys for children and what makes a good toy.