Topic: Peer Pressure

Peer Pressure: Positive Peer Pressure, Negative Peer Pressure, Peer Pressure Statistics

in Child Development

Sites offer resources on peer pressure in kids and teens provide parents with a background of peer pressure, positive peer pressure, and negative peer pressure. Provides peer pressure statistics and advice on helping kids deal with peer pressure in various situations such as alcohol, drugs, and smoking.

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“Kids” section of the site provides children with useful information, advice, and tips on peer pressure. Find a definition of peer pressure with information on dealing with negative peer pressure and positive peer pressure. The site offers peer pressure statistics and information on alcohol, drinking, and smoking in relation to peer pressure faced by kids. Kids can learn what to do in situations with alcohol and smoking, the effects of alcohol and tobacco, how to help friends, and more.

The site offers parents advice and brief articles on peer pressure and children and adolescents. Discusses how to avoid negative peer pressure and encourage positive peer pressure through a child’s friend groups. Also provides information on peer pressure and drugs such as marijuana.