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Intellectual Impairment

in Child Development

A collection of websites offer in-depth information about intellectual impairment, focusing strongly on its prevalence in children. Websites contain articles, fact sheets and real-life stories about intellectually impaired children.

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ACF resources provide support for families and children dealing with intellectual impairments. The site offers definitions and current information on advocacy, legal issues, and policies related to disabled and intellectually impaired children. The site also discusses education and community support services and how to provide family support for children with intellectual impairments. Site features programs, news, and email updates for children and family issues.

Website contains statistics, articles and resources pertaining to intellectual impairment and disabilities. The intellectual impairment fact sheet discusses one intellectually impaired boy’s story, and also provides a myriad of information about the causes, diagnosis, and prevalence of intellectual impairment.

This site from the US Department of Health and Human Services contains a variety of information about intellectual impairment and intellectually impaired children. Articles discuss various issues pertaining to intellectual impairment, such as the prevalence of intellectual impairment and helping mentally handicapped children. The “About Developmental Disabilities” section of the site addresses topics focusing in children with intellectual impairments and handicaps.

The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development website offers comprehensive information on Fragile X syndrome and more basic information on Down syndrome. Family-oriented articles and fact sheets address such topics as the chromosomal basis, occurrence, diagnosis, and treatment of these syndromes. The site also contains information on current clinical trials and links to related publications.