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Children’s Language Development: Language Acquisition Articles, Language Development Articles

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Substantial resources on children’s language development includes child language acquisition articles focused on educational aspects as well as general language development articles. Offer tips for parents on many topics from encouraging language growth in children to special needs and bilingual education.

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Language development articles and advice on various aspects of children’s language development. Information provided on second language learning, foreign language programs and bilingual education. Also includes child language acquisition articles focused on learning and teaching and as well as many other language development resources.

Research-based information on child language acquistion, mainly ages birth to five years old. Information is geared toward parents and educators and includes topics such as empathy, early emotions and early memory development.

Information and child language acquisition articles focus on numerous language development issues in children. Includes language development articles and reports on topics such as special needs, bilingual education and children’s language development and much more.

Offers language development articles, practical tips and early literacy information on infants and toddlers for both parents and professionals. Tips on activities to encourage growth and milestones of children’s language development are discussed in the “Brain Wonders” section.

About Our Kids offers language development resources with easy-to-understand explanations for parents. Includes child language acquisition articles with general information about a child’s developing communication, possible language problems, and advice for parents. Language development articles cover brain development, mental retardation, premature babies, and other specific issues.

Better Brains for Babies includes resources on brain development from before birth to early childhood. They have easy to read fact sheets, a glossary, links to more resources, as well as links to scientific research articles.

This is the site of a practicing speech and language expert, which gives basic information about milestones, normal speech development, and communications disorders. It includes short articles and descriptive tables, giving information about phonology norms and speech development. provides information for parents about children's health and development. This page outlines infant and toddler language development and discusses when to be concerned about a language delay.

This is a parent-friendly site with information about speech and language assessments. It does not contain references but does contain useful information.

The Talaris Institute website contains applicable research about child development in the areas of cognition and learning, language and communication, physical development, and social and emotional development. Other features include recent news and institute events such as webcasts.