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Child Developmental Milestones: Speech and Language Developmental Milestones

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Each site contains a comprehensive guide to the different stages of child development. There is a wealth of information particularly on baby milestones and infant milestones. The sites also offer information on developmental delay and how parents can encourage their chid’s development so that milestones are met in a timely fashion.

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The American Academy of Pediatrics provides a comprehensive timetable of when a child is expected to reach developmental milestones. Areas addressed include hand and body movement, language, social, and emotional milestones.

Includes another comprehensive list of the stages of child development. Describes baby milestones and infant milestones form birth to five years of age. Also provides information on developmental delay and what parents can do to augment their child’s development.

Provides a month-by-month list of the stages of child development, from baby milestones to infant milestones up to five years of age. Also describes what parents can do to encourage proper linear development.

Pathways has created a series of videos demonstrating the promise of early therapy for children with a wide range of concerns. Meet the children of Pathways and learn how when applied in a timely manner, early therapy can ensure the best for all children's development

Minnesota Parents Know is an easy-to-use site that provides outlines of typical child developmental milestones from birth to age 5. Details of motor, language, social and emotional, and cognitive development are included. Other information provided includes how families can help their children grow and learn.

The Talaris Institute website contains applicable research about child development in the areas of cognition and learning, language and communication, physical development, and social and emotional development. Other features include recent news and institute events such as webcasts.

The National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities provides information on the CDC site about developmental milestones from birth to age 5 years. Information is provided about social, emotional, cognitive, language, and motor development at each age level. Information is also provided about milestones as they relate to autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disabilities.

Tumblon is an easy to use site focused on providing information about typical gross motor, physical and cognitive developmental milestones for children from birth to age 7. Related articles about children are also included for further information.

Video highlights key milestones in a baby's phsyical development. The video encourages parents to be aware of and to monitor these typical developmental patterns in their child. This video requires sitting through an advertisement at the beginning. provides a wealth of information from the American Academy of Pediatrics on children's health and development from before birth to adolescence. Specifically, the Toddlers section of the site gives easy to read information for a variety of areas of development, such as cognitive, language, social, and motor development.

KidsHealth provides information on a variety of topics related to development, from birth to adolescence. In particular, the site provides detailed information on cognitive development and learning for newborns to age 2.