Topic: Anger Management

Anger Management: Anger Management Techniques, Anger Management in Kids, Anger Control

in Child Development

Information about various facets of anger management. Websites contain information on anger management, anger management techniques, anger control in children, and other assorted topics pertaining to anger management.

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The Safe and Responsive Schools Project aims at school safety and violence prevention through comprehensive planning, parent and community involvement, and more. Anger management techniques for kids are provided, along with a variety of publications, a web forum, and other resources.

Site offers substantial information on anger and anger management. Provides facts and theories on anger, information on anger in relationships, and techniques for dealing with anger in our selves and others, including a section on anger in children. Intended for parents, educators, and practitioners.

The ECAP site contains research information on anger management in kids within the classroom and the home, for both parents and professionals. The site discusses anger management techniques for both parents and teachers with anger management control in children and between peers.

This article provides practical information for parents on anger management in children, specifically on how to prevent anger from turning into actions of bias and hate. Various parenting techniques aimed at kids' anger management are discussed. Site includes a list of related resources and books on the subject of anger management techniques for children.