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Ask professionals and specialists about a range of children and education topics. Experts are in a variety of fields with subjects such as early childhood, learning disabilities, elementary and preschool education, children’s learning styles in educational environments and more. The education experts provide accurate information about your specific child-related education concerns.

Includes: Preschool education, autism education, learning styles education, benefits of music education, multiculturalism in education

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Leading website for information on child learning disabilities for parents, teachers and professionals. Dr. Silver, a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, is a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Georgetown University Medical Center. His primary areas of research include neurologically-based disorders – Child Learning Disabilities, Language Disabilities, Sensory Integration Dysfunction, and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Questions about learning and language disabilities may include topics such as dyslexia or autism education and different learning styles in education of children with disabilities. Child disability questions may be phrased for specific age groups such as secondary, elementary or preschool education for more accurate information.

Ask A Family Expert

Obtain expert parenting advice on various family issues. Ask experts about different types of parenting styles and their effects on children or receive parenting tips on effectively dealing with children and drug-related incidents. Other possible topics for parenting advice include baby-related issues, child development, parenting tips for toddlers and more.

Includes: Parenting advice, parenting tips, parenting styles, parenting tips for toddlers, effects of single parenting, types of parenting styles

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Ask parenting questions to over 60 experts on hand, who answer baby and parenting related questions, as well as a myriad of health questions. Option to search through a database of previously asked questions for parenting advice. Topics in database include parenting advice and information about child development, pregnancy and parenting tips for toddlers, child behavior, types of parenting styles, effects of single parenting and various other issues.

Ask A Health Expert

A variety of sites provide users with information on children and health by having health questions answered on a variety of pediatric health issues. Experts provide advice in diagnosing health problems in children and answer health questions about caring for newborns, mental health in children, adolescent health problems and many other topics.

Includes: Health questions, adolescent health problems, diagnosing health problems, health questions answers

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User-friendly Q&A service provided by Columbia University’s Health Education Program that is geared toward answering teens' and parents' questions on a variety of child health related topics. Ask for help in diagnosing health problems in children and general or specific health questions on any topic, such as adolescent health problems or the flu in children. Site also provides access to health questions answered previously in an easily searchable database.

Ask a variety of pediatric experts on the staff at The Children's Medical Center your questions about child health care. Submit a question on any topic and your answer will be posted within 48 hours. Experts answer general child health questions on a variety of topics with information and help in diagnosing health problems in children such as asthma, head trauma, sports injuries, acne, birthmarks, immunizations, adolescent health problems, radiology tests, insurance and many others. Site also contains a database of archived health questions answered previously.

Experts from NetWellness answer health questions on the topics of children's health, ADHD, child abuse, childhood anxiety, allergies, adolescent health problems, birth defects, newborn care and other topics within 2-3 days. Search their list of topics to find an expert who can answer your health questions. Browse archives of health questions answered in the past, organized by topic.

Ask A Child Development Expert

Experts in the field of child development answer all types of questions about children. Topics covered include the stages of child development, child social development, children’s behavior and discipline, peer relationships and more. Get specific responses for your child development questions.

Includes: Stages of child development, child social development

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Submit questions about Challenging Behaviors and Emoitonal and Social Development in children. Questions are anwered by experts in the field, Polly Greenberg, Adele M. Brodkin, Ph.D., and Myrna B. Shure, Ph.D. Ms. Greenberg has been a child/parent/staff development specialist for almost 50 years, working for the U.S. Department of Education, the Department of Health and Human Services, the War on Poverty, and the NAEYC. Dr. Brodkin is Scholastic's Senior Child Development Consultant. She is a psychologist and author of many books, including Raising Happy & Successful Kids and Fresh Approaches to Working with Problematic Behavior. In addition, she has written and produced award-winning educational videos. Dr. Shure is a developmental psychologist at Drexel University in Philadelphia and the author of I Can Problem Solve (ICPS), a social-emotional curriculum for use by teachers in preschool through grade 6, and Raising a Thinking Child, for parents of young children. Her most recent book, Thinking Parent, Thinking Child helps families turn their most challenging problems into solutions.